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mTw – Not All That It Seems

mTw – Not All That It Seems

mTw, mortal Teamwork, a name in the industry that was synonymous with success and a home for professional Counterstrike. In the early stages of CS:GO it became clear that mTw was not able to hold the same results as back in the days of Source. The absence of good results and a solid roster lead to the closing of mTw by the former owner Lars Eiben. To give mTw the chance at rebirth and come back to better days he decided to sell it to the Hamburg based marketing company "Department M".

Department M is a company which specialised in Marketing led by two established gentleman, Joi von Regenstein and Kai Vietense. These two newcomers in the eSport organization industry, had the highest ambitions of bringing mTw back to glory and where it belongs. The initial German lineup around Patrick "kraeuterhumpen" Jacobi failed fulfill the goals of the owners. The lack of results led to mTw dropping the team and they were left again with no lineup.
This left room for speculation on when mTw is returning with a professional lineup, and partly fulfilled the wish by signing up a semi professional lineup lead by Niels Christian "NaToSaphiX" Sillassen until the end of July 2015. On the 10th of August mTw published a picture catching the interest of all eSport enthusiasts by showing the silhouette of Abdisamad "SpawN" Mohamed and announcing he had signed a professional contract with mTw. However at that time no contracts were signed by SpawN.To raise even more attention, on the 14th of August another picture now showing clearly the profile of SpawN. All these operations were lead by Alexander "OZWALD" van Dyk who introduced himself to me as the new CEO of mTw. Former known as Alexander "dykeee" van Dyk in connection to organizations like H2K, MYM, Denial or nerdytec.
A potential return of SpawN, especially under a brand such as mTw, will raise the ears of every CS fan. However it is indeed questionable that it is under an unknown manager with no previous connections to players of this caliber.

Van Dyk reached out to me as a personal contact to the press. He willingly gave information about his person and career path, as well as his work inside mTw. The former positions he stated to have held were Marketing Director at Denial eSports, Marketing Manager at nerdytec via this position did booths for fnatic at Gamescom. He was Marketing Manager at MYM alongside Sebastian "Falli" Rotterdam, notably of the MYM kori scandal. Allegedly as the Managing Director for H2K he claimed to produce a mousepad for SpawN with Zowie Gear. Initially impressed I started my own investigations to validate each of his statements.
I first reached out to his former workplace, Denial eSports, where my mixed feelings found reason from the information provided by their Manager. He stated van Dyk used his position as Marketing Manager to block a potential sponsorship for Denial for his own personal gain. Instead of acquiring the sponsorship for Denial eSports, van Dyk used those negotiations to acquire a job for himself. After my conversation with the Denial eSports Manager, my suspicions of van Dyk’s character started to become confirmed.

With an awoken interest, I started to dig deeper by contacting people connected to the companies van Dyk worked with in the past. Via personal contacts and assistance from high tier managers in the industry, we discovered van Dyk never really achieved the things he stated to 27in1.com.

More and more details came to light, and I eventually confronted van Dyk with the evidence I found out about him. I wanted this conversation to be a chance to clear up any confusion or misconstrued results from my research.
His claims began to unravel as he described his business endeavors with Zowie Gear and SpawN. He states that in 2007 he worked with the hardware company to develop a very popular mousepad. However the company wasn’t even founded at that time, and only came into existence in late 2008. The Marketing Director at that time and developers of the product have no recollection of any interaction at all with van Dyk. In an attempt to establish legitimacy he used several names from the company as references, stating that they’ve had a working relationship. This is untrue and to exacerbate his cause, subsequent to our conversation he contacted the Marketing Manager in pursuit of sponsorship for mTw, under the false moniker of being a CEO.

How is it possible that a manager who modified his résumé, and is possibly untrustworthy, is working at a organization like mTw and signs up SpawN?

Once he realized I was investigating him, his manner of talking to me changed entirely. The evidence I found is a threat to his desired progress within mTw, and he became paranoid. Consequently, if the evidence were to be published, he threatened me physically and logistically with the possibility of suing myself and 27in1.com for the damages to the mTw brand and sponsors.

With this in mind I contacted mTw owners Joi von Regenstein and Kai Vietense to inquire about how the Managers are working in mTw. Completely astonished Kai Vietense stated to 27in1.com :
We are unaware of how van Dyk works and how he approaches others, we employed him as a freelancer and he never was in the position of a CEO. mTw GmbH are not responsible for any mistakes made by van Dyk.
Kai Vietense ( translated )

I gave mTw the chance to distance themselves from van Dyk and not endanger the possible new lineup around SpawN. They denied this option and stated repeatedly that he is a freelancer and is inherently personally responsible. Furthermore he will keep working in this position but as General Manager. This is not 100% true, since on van Dyk’s LinkedIn profile, Steam accounts, or on mymTw Facebook as well as in business approaches, he uses the handle Alexander "OZWALD" van Dyk CEO of mTw GmbH.
mTw is currently exhibiting behavior that is potentially damaging to the industry. Committing fraud and attempting to intimidate with physical violence are far from accepted behaviors in any area, not just eSports. Turning a blind-eye to such actions and attitudes as long as results are favorable is caustic and inhibitory to growth. The consequences such actions can have on brands, potential sponsors, and every individual need to be taken into consideration. We hope mTw realizes the scale of such actions and encourage more proactive strides towards professionalism.

To make an example of I handed the evidence which harms me and 27in1.com to a law company in order to take legal actions and discourage others to take the step van Dyk did to cover his frauds. Any updates on potential proceedings will be promptly published to the public. Due to this reason, not all evidence can be published and some has to be censored as some industry people do not want to be mentioned in connection to van Dyk. Evidence will mostly also be in German as they are screenshots of original conversations.

Image Credit: mTw/Facebook
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