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dream3r of GPlay handed VAC ban

Member of the Bulgarian Counter-Strike:GO team GPlay Simeon "dream3r" Ganev has been handed a VAC ban on his main account 3 months ago. After investigating the matchfixing in the game myRevenge versus volgare we stumbled upon rumours and decided to investigate further.

On the ESEA.net profile of the 17 year old Bulgarian one can observe that he has linked two different Steam ID’s with his account, one of them has not been used since September 26th.
Looking at the account that is connected to the second ID you can see that this account has 1 VAC Ban on record, the days since which he last played match with the days that have passed since his last VAC ban. His previous aliases list the name “dream3r” in different variations if you check the profile ID on a site like VACBanned.com.

Interesting about this ban is that GPlay was able to compete at ESWC the weekend after the VAC Ban, with dream3r, without any coverage, as well as participate in the FACEIT Qualifiers for DreamHack Winter in which they lost twice.

We tried to reach out to GPlay for a statement from them but have not gotten a response so far.

EDIT: Emiliyan “spyleadeR” Dimitrov commented on multiple social media websites on the matter. Source

GPlay has not yet reacted on requests to show further proof.

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